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Pompon Brooche

Hi everybody! Yesterday evening I made this pompon brooche with some leftover yarn in bright neon colours. Really, I like pompons so much. They remind me of my childhood, they feel fluffy and in my favourite colours they’re a total eye candy.

If you’d like to make one for yourself, here’s how:
– Make 3 small pompons and cut them in shape for a neat look.
– Tie the pompons together so that you have a small bouquet.
– Attach a brooche pin on the back.

It’s the easiest thing, isn’t it? I intend to wear it with a black outfit when I start my new job next week. Have fun and happy moments!



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Hello Zakka with Hello Sandwich

Hi everybody! This week I bought just the cutest craft book I’ve ever read, so I want to share it with you. It’s the german edition of “Hello Zakka” by Japan based designer Ebony Bizys aka Hello Sandwich. If you like the cuteness of japanese culture, you’ll find lots and lots and lots of craft projects in that book. I immediate fell for it. Hello Sandwich shows us how to brighten up our days and surrounds us with cute and small things that we all adore so much. Some of the projects will take an afternoon, some are finished in no time – but they’re all really easy.

The first thing I tried was the pompon bracelet from page 46. I had so much fun yesterday evening, making these pompons as I did last time when I was a little girl. The finished bracelet is just the cutest thing! I’ll definitely will craft my way through that book the next weeks. If you’ll do the same: Have fun! Yay!