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Painted Mugs

Hi everybody! For I’m down with a flu for two days now I needed a craft to cheer me up. I decided to paint some mugs – it turned out so cute, I have to “Awwwww!” every time I look at it. I totally love it!

You’ll need:
white mugs
porcelain painter in colours you like

And now: Just give it a try. I painted hearts in a random order. You don’t need to draw them with a pencil first, just paint it on the mug, even if it looks a bit quirky. I love it, when things get an obvious crafty look. Start painting on one side of the mug and, before you proceede with the other side, let it dry completely for about one hour. This will make sure you’re hearts will get nice and neat.

The colour is dishwasher-safe after a drying time of three days. Probably it depends on the painter you use – in some cases you’ ll have to bake the finished mug in the oven. If so, there’ll be instructions on the painter.

Mug-painting is really fun and easy. I’ll take my new cuties to the office (as soon as I’m recovered) and have a smile first thing in the morning, when I’ll get my coffee. Have fun!