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Crochet Keychains

Hi everybody! This week I want to show you, how to make easy and stylish crochet keychains. For I still go for all things neon, I decided for a colour combo with grey, which makes the contrast really cool.

You’ll need:
some yarn in grey and any neon colour you like (about 130m/50g)
3,5 mm crochet hook
key-holder with carabiner
wool needle

chain 51 in grey
row 1-4: single chrochet in grey
row 5: single crochet in neon colour
bind off

Now sew in the tails – just leave one to attach the key-holder. Iron the keychain so that it gets all flat and neat. Then you can close the edges. To do this, insert the key-holder, before you close the chain with matress stitch. To keep the key-holder in place just sew the keychain together with a few stiches – about 1 cm above the ring.

It’s finished! Wasn’t that easy? It’s a cute last minute make, when you get a short notice invitation and you’d like to bring along somethig nice. Or just make some for yourself in different colours to match with different handbags. Have fun!