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Pompon Brooche

Hi everybody! Yesterday evening I made this pompon brooche with some leftover yarn in bright neon colours. Really, I like pompons so much. They remind me of my childhood, they feel fluffy and in my favourite colours they’re a total eye candy.

If you’d like to make one for yourself, here’s how:
– Make 3 small pompons and cut them in shape for a neat look.
– Tie the pompons together so that you have a small bouquet.
– Attach a brooche pin on the back.

It’s the easiest thing, isn’t it? I intend to wear it with a black outfit when I start my new job next week. Have fun and happy moments!



Happy Friday Craft

At present I really haven’t much free time for crafting along and blogging. I have some projects going on, that really absorb most of my time. I don’t want to complain – great things are going on. I just don’t have as much as free time as I’m used to and it will continue for some weeks.

Nevertheless, I wanted to show you, what I made today, because it’s Friday and as some of you may know, it’s my favourite crafting evening. Yay! I just made the quickest craft project ever. It really took just two minutes to bead these wooden beads for a bright summer bracelet. As you have noticed: My most loved colour-combo again. I just love it…

The bracelet is great. I will definetely make some more in other colours, also one all in red. Have fun and try it too!

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Tassle earings

For sure you can’t have enough earings – so I just made some more this morning. Since the new Gatsby movie I see tassles all around. I thought about tassle earings for some time. Today it hit me with – of course – my favourite up to date colour combo orange- blue.

I found a very easy and perfect way to make the basic tassles on the blog of onesheepishgirl. Since you made the tassles you can just play around with it. I decided to start with thin cotton yarn in these bold colours, for I want it to match with a simple black dress of mine.

As soon as I finished it (it’s a quick about 30 minutes project) lots of more tassle ideas came to my mind. It’s a great way to vamp up a simple style. I guess I’ll try it with a shiny embroidery floss for a real Gatsby-style or something with an ombre look too. Just give it a try. It’s one of my favourite projects now!

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Crochet flower earings

This is such a fun project – and finished in less than an hour! I always like to experiment with things that I could turn into earings (my favourite jewelery). Crochet flowers are perfect for summer and a kind of vintage feeling. I chose the flower-patterrn from Mollie Makes. It’s easy and you can adjust it to the size you need. I used a thin cotton yarn in bright colours. The red ones perfectly match with my new black and white dotted dress. Yay! To finish, I added pearls in the centre of the flowers, but other stuff as buttons etc. would turn out great too. Very much fun to everybody who will try this!