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Granny Square ipad cover


Last weekend, a member of the family got a new ipad as a birthday present. So it was obvious that I would be in charge to make the cover for it 🙂

For I’m still loving all kinds of granny chic, I decided to do one with the colourful squares. Yay! I don’t actually have a pattern, but if you know how  to crochet granny squares, it’s really easy.

I decided for cotton yarn, for it’s tangible, easy to handle and comes in all kinds of colours. For each side I made six squares, sewed them together and gave them one extra square-round, to hold it all together tight and neat. How many square rounds you actually need in total depends a bit on what yarn you are using. Just try the size on the ipad while you’re making the squares. You can easily adjust it.

To finish, there’s one more round single crochet. Then you need the same thing for the other side. I did all different squares, so it came out really colourful!

Sew it together on three sides and: Tadaaaa! There it is! To secure the ipad in the cover, I finally decided to sew a button on top and and to make a small loop to close.