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Gemstone Beanie


Hi everybody! Still at home. Still the flu. And rain outside. Phew. But here’s what I made this morning: A gemstone beanie! I purchased the simple black beanie some time ago, wondering what kind of vamp-up it should get. Flipping through Pinterest – as often – gives you the best inspirations. Gems are perfect for a winter accessoire make-up.

You’ll need:
a simple beanie in any colour you like
gems in many colours and sizes
gemstone glue

And now: Just glue the gems onto the beanie. I didn’t arrange them first – I just glued them on the way as I was inspired by the colours. When you’ve finished, let the glue dry for about 6 hours. And then go outside and sparkle through the cold or mist or rain. Yay! Have fun and happy moments!



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Painted Mugs

Hi everybody! For I’m down with a flu for two days now I needed a craft to cheer me up. I decided to paint some mugs – it turned out so cute, I have to “Awwwww!” every time I look at it. I totally love it!

You’ll need:
white mugs
porcelain painter in colours you like

And now: Just give it a try. I painted hearts in a random order. You don’t need to draw them with a pencil first, just paint it on the mug, even if it looks a bit quirky. I love it, when things get an obvious crafty look. Start painting on one side of the mug and, before you proceede with the other side, let it dry completely for about one hour. This will make sure you’re hearts will get nice and neat.

The colour is dishwasher-safe after a drying time of three days. Probably it depends on the painter you use – in some cases you’ ll have to bake the finished mug in the oven. If so, there’ll be instructions on the painter.

Mug-painting is really fun and easy. I’ll take my new cuties to the office (as soon as I’m recovered) and have a smile first thing in the morning, when I’ll get my coffee. Have fun!


Happy Friday Craft

At present I really haven’t much free time for crafting along and blogging. I have some projects going on, that really absorb most of my time. I don’t want to complain – great things are going on. I just don’t have as much as free time as I’m used to and it will continue for some weeks.

Nevertheless, I wanted to show you, what I made today, because it’s Friday and as some of you may know, it’s my favourite crafting evening. Yay! I just made the quickest craft project ever. It really took just two minutes to bead these wooden beads for a bright summer bracelet. As you have noticed: My most loved colour-combo again. I just love it…

The bracelet is great. I will definetely make some more in other colours, also one all in red. Have fun and try it too!

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Tassle earings

For sure you can’t have enough earings – so I just made some more this morning. Since the new Gatsby movie I see tassles all around. I thought about tassle earings for some time. Today it hit me with – of course – my favourite up to date colour combo orange- blue.

I found a very easy and perfect way to make the basic tassles on the blog of onesheepishgirl. Since you made the tassles you can just play around with it. I decided to start with thin cotton yarn in these bold colours, for I want it to match with a simple black dress of mine.

As soon as I finished it (it’s a quick about 30 minutes project) lots of more tassle ideas came to my mind. It’s a great way to vamp up a simple style. I guess I’ll try it with a shiny embroidery floss for a real Gatsby-style or something with an ombre look too. Just give it a try. It’s one of my favourite projects now!