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Yo Bitch! Magnets!


Like everybody else who loves “Breaking Bad”, I’ll really miss the show. In fact, I have all the episodes on DVD or on my iPad and I can watch it any time I like. But nothing compares to the experience to watch it and hear Jesse Pinkman say “Bitch!” the very first time. So, as a crafty person, I turned my love for the show into something creative: Heisenberg magnets! Yay!

For this project you’ll need:


It’s really easy to make:
Fist cut the coloured paper into the size of the small wooden plates and then draw Heisenberg aka Walter White with a black pen onto the paper.

After that, glue the paper on the plate and place a small magnet on the backside of it. And it’s done!
I’m sure, I’m gonna make some more Breaking Bad inspired craft projects – it really calls for it. Have fun with the magnets, bitches!