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Knitted Bracelets

Hi everybody! It’s Sunday and sunny outside. So for Groundhog Day it could mean, that Phil will see it’s shadow. Awwwww! I’m counting the days until sping will appear and in that mood I made some knitted bracelets in bright spring colours.

It’s a quick project and you can do some upcycling too. I found some old bracelets in my jewel box, that don’t fit my taste anymore. So I gave them a new look with a knitted yarn cover.

You’ll need:
old bracelets
some leftover yarn in bright colours
3-4 mm knitting needles
wool needle

It’s not necessary to work an exact gauge, because it depends on the size of your bracelet and the yarn you use.

The pattern I used is the big seed stitch. It is worked to a lenght to fit the bracelet. For the cast-on just make sure, that it fits around the inside of the braclet, slightly streched. For the big bracelet I used 16 stitches and for the small one I used 10. Just try what fits with your yarn and make sure that you have an even number of stitches.

row 1: knit 1, purl 1, continue to end
row 2: knit 1, purl 1, continue to end
row 3: purl 1, knit 1, continue to end
row 4: purl 1, knit 1, continue to end

Repeat row 1-4 until the strip fits around the outside but make sure that it’s slighly streched here too. Now cast off as the stitches appear.

Fo finish, sew the cast-on and cast-off edges together using matress stitch. Then place it around the bracelet. Sew the row ends together with matress stitch too. The seam line should be placed on he inside of the bracelet. It’s finished! Have fun!


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Crochet Bracelet

The truth is: A girl can’t have too many accessories. Some people might say that about bags, shoes, dresses. But actually, accessories are the real deal. They make the statement for your outfit, whatever you’re wearing. So when it comes to craftiness, I always look for the accessories projects to make my wardrobe special.

I found the perfect crochet jewellery on issue 30 of Mollie Makes. Bracelets! I gave it a try with an old bracelet, some yarn leftovers and glitter beads and it turned out so beautiful. I strictly recommand this project to you: It’s so much fun and a really quick craft. In less than 30 minutes you have just the cutest bracelet of the world! On top of all, it inspires to try things with old jewellery that are long forgotten in your jewellery case. I’m definetely hooked and will give the old and forgotten a new and bright look. Accessories galore!


Happy Friday Craft

At present I really haven’t much free time for crafting along and blogging. I have some projects going on, that really absorb most of my time. I don’t want to complain – great things are going on. I just don’t have as much as free time as I’m used to and it will continue for some weeks.

Nevertheless, I wanted to show you, what I made today, because it’s Friday and as some of you may know, it’s my favourite crafting evening. Yay! I just made the quickest craft project ever. It really took just two minutes to bead these wooden beads for a bright summer bracelet. As you have noticed: My most loved colour-combo again. I just love it…

The bracelet is great. I will definetely make some more in other colours, also one all in red. Have fun and try it too!