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Take a bow!

Hi everybody! This weekend I did some sewing. It’s not one of my best disciplines – I wish I could do better and sew dresses, skirts and such things. But I can manage small projects like this one: A bow broche! I didn’t use my sewing machine for it – just did it by hand and played around with fabric and ribbon to match. It was great fun!

So, if you like to join on that little cutie, you’ll need:

small piece of fabric
small piece of ribbon
needle and thread
broche pin
if you like, small amount of stuffing

Fold your fabric in half so you have a rectangle. Keep the right sides of the fabric inside. Now sew both pieces together (by hand or machine). Leave a small space open to turn the rectangle inside out. If you like, you can add some stuffing now. It gets a bit more stability for the bow, but it’s not necessary. Then close the rectangle.
Now you shape the bow by gathering it in the middle. Fix it with some stitches. Then wrap around the ribbon, fix it with some stitches at the back too and add the broche pin. It’t finished!

You can try all kinds of sizes and colours to match it with your wardrobe. I have the fabric (red with white dots) for next one right here beside me. Yay! Have fun and happy moments!