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Gold Glitter Pompon Bag

Hi everybody! This is my contribution against winter depression. Tomorrow I start my new job and I wanted to have a new bag to carry my lunch every day. It should be bright, colourful and a real eye-catcher in all this grey and unpleasant January weather outside. I decided for a white cotton bag and painted it with glitter polkadots. Yay! For extra brightness I attached small pompons in my current fav colours. Didn’t it turn out cute? I love it very much.

So here’s how you can make one for yourself. You’ll need:

– white cotton bag
– fabric painter in gold glitter
– circle stencil or something similar as a big button
– pencil
– piece of cardboard
– for the pompons: yarn, pompon-maker and Bakers Twine

Let’s get started:

– First iron the cotton bag. Then lay it out flat and insert the cardboard.
– Draw the circles onto the fabric with thin pencil lines. I used a big button for it. If you’re not sure where to draw the circles you can make circle- templates out of coloured paper first and lay them out onto the bag. So you can play around with the positions before you finally draw the circles.
– Paint the circles with the fabric painter. Let it dry completely an iron it from the backside. Now it will be fixed and washable.
– If you like, make 3 pompons and attach them with Bakers Twine on your bag.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Have fun and happy moments!



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Led Zep Bag

I finished this just yesterday – and love it! The idea of embroidering some of my favourite lyrics on bags came up a few weeks ago. To begin with Led Zeppelin was only natural to me. I love the music of this band so much and I think, Roberts ad-lips to ” Stairway to heaven” are perfect even today.

This is exactly what I often like to ask people, when I see them walking in the streets or at work or hear them complaining about things like the weather, their jobs, the traffic or even other people. I often ask myself why it is, that today so many people are so angry and don’t enjoy life very much. So now, everybody can read on my bag and think about it. Or not. It’s up to everyone what he or she sees in life.