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Gemstone Beanie


Hi everybody! Still at home. Still the flu. And rain outside. Phew. But here’s what I made this morning: A gemstone beanie! I purchased the simple black beanie some time ago, wondering what kind of vamp-up it should get. Flipping through Pinterest – as often – gives you the best inspirations. Gems are perfect for a winter accessoire make-up.

You’ll need:
a simple beanie in any colour you like
gems in many colours and sizes
gemstone glue

And now: Just glue the gems onto the beanie. I didn’t arrange them first – I just glued them on the way as I was inspired by the colours. When you’ve finished, let the glue dry for about 6 hours. And then go outside and sparkle through the cold or mist or rain. Yay! Have fun and happy moments!