crafting and music


New start


When I first started my blog missgalore’s greatest hits in 2009, it was something that I just did randomly. I wrote about some music I liked, things I found online or whatever came to my mind. However, in the last one and a half years I have been quiet – it just wasn’t on my agenda to that time.

I now decided to start freshly. For that, I took off all my old articles and gave this whole thing a new concept. What’s most important to me is still music – so that will be a part of it, of course. The second thing, that thrills my live every day is crafting and making beautiful things by my own. I was hooked since I was a girl, that learnt most of her crafting skills from her grandmother. I’ve been making since – no end in sight.

So for this time, this blog should be dedicated to what I love every day. I dediced also to write in english from now. That’s not a sophisticated hipster-sort-of-thing. It’s just more enjoyable for me. Thanks to the internet and all the social communities I got in contact with people around the world with the same interests. It’s much more fun, that I can share inspiration this way.

So, I’m on again – read you soon!