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Stamp it!

20140302-123659.jpgHi everybody! You know what: Handmade stamps are the cutest thing! There are several ways to transform your own motifs into stamps. Today I’ll show you the easiest way with foam rubber, wooden pins and some glue.

You’ll need:

20140302-123625.jpgFirst thing you draw your motif onto the foam rubber. Make sure that it isn’t too big – it should be slightly smaller that the pin. Then cut it out an glue it onto the pin. It’s already finished. Yay! If you like, decorate your stamp with Bakers Twine in a matching colour to the ink pad you’ll use.

Now go ahead and stamp along. It’s great as a small present or to customize greeting cards, small notebooks and all kinds of stationery. It ¬†will work on fabrics too if you use an ink pad that is suitable for it. Have fun and happy moments!