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Minerals Zipper Purse

Hi everybody! Today I show you a really cute and up-to-date little project. As minerals are popping up everywhere these days, I was happy to find a great pattern in issue 48 of Mollie Makes (my favourite magazine, as you all know). The original design was made for up-styling a plain jumper. This looks really great!

For I don’t have any jumpers for upcycling at the moment, I decided to sew a small zipper purse with the minerals design. I chose a white cotton fabric and embroidered the design first before sewing the purse together. For a cute finish, I attached a pompon at the zipper.

I’m so happy with the result. Mollie Makes always inspires me in the greatest way. If you don’t know the magazine already, give it a try. If you love comtemporary crafts, bright colours and cute and quirky things, this is the perfect choice for you. It’s sometimes a bit complicated to get the current issue outside UK, but it’s worth it. I finally found a dealer here in Germany in my hometown, who gets it on stock- although almost 3 weeks late (seems a bit strange in 2015, but anyway, I’m happy to get it).

A great and crafty Sunday to you all. Have fun and happy moments!



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Just scale down!

20140520-102242.jpgHi everybody! Today I’d like to show you what I did with one of the designs I made for my book. Originally I made it for a lampshade – really one of the bigger makes. So, that’s what I often do, when I like an aspect of a project very much but at that moment don’t have the time to do the whole thing: I just scale down. I take the part out of it that I like most and bring it in a new context that is easier to manage or takes less time.

So when it comes to my lampshade design it’s easy to do so. I just took one part of the drawing and stitched it on a small notebook. I always do things like that and I’d encourage you to do so. It opens up so much possibilities for creativity and brings crafts to a manageable level in you every day life. I always have a list with things I’d like to make and it’s piling up constantly. Some of the bigger ones stay there in this “o.k., when I got the time for it” thing. This is too bad – so now and then I decide to scale down instead of not making it. Every time I did it I was really happy with the result.

Nevertheless I have one big project going on for more than a year now and it takes a lot of patience to finish it: A beautiful and colourful Granny Square blanket. I’m more than halfway through and I work constantly on it. This too is something very satisfying because I literally feel time spent on making that blanket weaving in it. With that project in the background and all the the other small things I make every day I found the perfect balance.

I hope I could inspire you with my thoughts to scale things down before they never will be made. Have fun and happy moments!



Book Galore!

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Hi everybody! Today I have big news and I can hardly describe how excited I am: My first book is out now! Yay! It’s called “StickLust – 33 Stickprojekte auf Papier, Pappe, Holz und mehr” and it’s published at frechverlag in the TOPP series. It’s a big publisher here in Germany for all things crafting and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to make this book.

Embroidery was one of my early childhood crafting passions. I wanted to create something modern and unusual and so I decided to stitch on almost anything that crossed my way. There surely are some surprises in  the book. Yay! As soon as my deposit copies arrive (I hope it’s today!) I’ll show you some more pics from the inside here on my blog. So stay tuned 😀

I hope that many people will have fun with this book. It’s really special to me and I put a lot of work and love in it during the last months. I now have to let it go and see what other crafters make out of it. I would love it, if everybody who has created a project from this book would share it with me. I’m really curious how others are inspired by it. Have fun and happy moments!

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Led Zep Bag

I finished this just yesterday – and love it! The idea of embroidering some of my favourite lyrics on bags came up a few weeks ago. To begin with Led Zeppelin was only natural to me. I love the music of this band so much and I think, Roberts ad-lips to ” Stairway to heaven” are perfect even today.

This is exactly what I often like to ask people, when I see them walking in the streets or at work or hear them complaining about things like the weather, their jobs, the traffic or even other people. I often ask myself why it is, that today so many people are so angry and don’t enjoy life very much. So now, everybody can read on my bag and think about it. Or not. It’s up to everyone what he or she sees in life.


notebook embroidery

This is my latest project in paper embroidery. For I always like to have small books for all kinds of purposes around me (Yes, I’m a notebook addict!), I recently discovered paper embroidery as a totally cute and personal way to vamp up my stationery.

For my new notebook I wanted to have something that makes me smile every time I take it at hand. I found it: The motif comes from Aimee Ray’s book “Doodle Stitching”, which is one of my favourite on embroidery so far. It’s full of inspiration and cuteness. Yay! Have a great Friday everybody and keep on crafting!