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Crochet Keychains

Hi everybody! This week I want to show you, how to make easy and stylish crochet keychains. For I still go for all things neon, I decided for a colour combo with grey, which makes the contrast really cool.

You’ll need:
some yarn in grey and any neon colour you like (about 130m/50g)
3,5 mm crochet hook
key-holder with carabiner
wool needle

chain 51 in grey
row 1-4: single chrochet in grey
row 5: single crochet in neon colour
bind off

Now sew in the tails – just leave one to attach the key-holder. Iron the keychain so that it gets all flat and neat. Then you can close the edges. To do this, insert the key-holder, before you close the chain with matress stitch. To keep the key-holder in place just sew the keychain together with a few stiches – about 1 cm above the ring.

It’s finished! Wasn’t that easy? It’s a cute last minute make, when you get a short notice invitation and you’d like to bring along somethig nice. Or just make some for yourself in different colours to match with different handbags. Have fun!



Colourful Crochet Coasters

This week I made colourful coasters and I want to share it with you. It’s so much fun, making them. Especially for a white cup you can use your favourite bold colours and get a real style!

You’ll need:
bulky yarn (about 50m/50g)
5 mm crochet hook
buttons, if you like

A gauge is not necessary, because it depends on the yarn you use and the size you want the cosaters to have. In the end, it should be a square and I decided for a size of 10×10 cm.

chain 13
row 1 – 12: single crochet
bind off

If you like, you can attach a button to one corner of the coaster. It’s really cute and gives you an extra smile every time you look at it. Have fun!

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Crochet Bracelet

The truth is: A girl can’t have too many accessories. Some people might say that about bags, shoes, dresses. But actually, accessories are the real deal. They make the statement for your outfit, whatever you’re wearing. So when it comes to craftiness, I always look for the accessories projects to make my wardrobe special.

I found the perfect crochet jewellery on issue 30 of Mollie Makes. Bracelets! I gave it a try with an old bracelet, some yarn leftovers and glitter beads and it turned out so beautiful. I strictly recommand this project to you: It’s so much fun and a really quick craft. In less than 30 minutes you have just the cutest bracelet of the world! On top of all, it inspires to try things with old jewellery that are long forgotten in your jewellery case. I’m definetely hooked and will give the old and forgotten a new and bright look. Accessories galore!

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Crochet flower earings

This is such a fun project – and finished in less than an hour! I always like to experiment with things that I could turn into earings (my favourite jewelery). Crochet flowers are perfect for summer and a kind of vintage feeling. I chose the flower-patterrn from Mollie Makes. It’s easy and you can adjust it to the size you need. I used a thin cotton yarn in bright colours. The red ones perfectly match with my new black and white dotted dress. Yay! To finish, I added pearls in the centre of the flowers, but other stuff as buttons etc. would turn out great too. Very much fun to everybody who will try this!

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Granny Square placemats

Granny Squares again! Seems like I can’t get enough of it and the colour combo orange-blue- white is a favourite of mine for quite a time too. The placemats are really easy to make: Just crochet as many squares as you like, sew them together and join one final round single crochet to get the edges nice and neat. I decided for a bulky yarn, so the mats are not too flat and get enough stability. I’ve not decided finally what to do with the back side. I had the idea of sewing fabric in a matching colour – but maybe I will leave it as it is. I will see what happens. In the meantime I will crochet some more of these mats so that I’ll have enough around when I’ll have guests for dinner. Yay!